Shamans, Witches and Maya Priests
Native Religion & Ritual in Highland Guatemala

by Krystyna Deuss

Shamans, Witches, and Maya Priests is a study of the “old ways” that still prevail in the Q’anjob’al, Akatek, and Chuj communities of the remote northwestern Cuchumatán mountains. Researched over a period of 15 years.



334 pages
8.5"x11" paperback (210mm x 280mm) 102 photographs
43 diagrams
9 tables & 4 maps

© 2007

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Indian Costumes From Guatemala

by Krystyna Deuss

An excellent introduction to the study of Maya costume– helps compare and contrast ancient and modern Maya traditions and the indigenous use of colour and design– especially good for art classes. There are also chapters dealing with geography and history.

Second Edition


Paperback, 72 pages with 80 photographs & 40+ illustrations

© 1990



A Century of Change in Maya Costume
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Selvedge Magazine: More precious than gold
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